Friday, May 23, 2014

The Friday Freebie (and more)…

Hi friends.  As you know, my daughter is fighting a really big battle right now.  Let me tell you, anorexia is a monster of a beast!  I am so proud of her for how hard she is trying in her recovery as she struggles to overcome the thoughts and fears that hold her a prisoner to this disorder (they can be relentless!)  She’s had two sessions with the counselor so far.  I believe that counseling is going to play a very large part in the success of her recovery. 

I think what people fail to realize is that an eating disorder has much more to do with the mental state of mind than it does with food.   Most people believe that the simple solution is to pressure one to eat and once they do, boom, they’re fixed and all is well again.  Of course, eating is a very important aspect of recovery, however, most (if not all) anorexics will be physically well long before they are mentally well and recovered from the disorder.  I realize that unless someone is personally affected by this disease, there really is no way one will 100% “get it”.  I’ve done a lot of reading since my daughter’s diagnosis and I’ve learned so much and I continue to learn more and more every day.  I wish that there was more of an understanding of this disease.  It’s one reason why I’ve chosen to share about my daughter’s disorder on my blog and why I will share things from time to time about her recovery and healing process.

As we walk this road to recovery and as she faces each challenge one by one , I pray that she will grow confident in who she is and learn to believe that she has so much to offer to the world around her.

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” ~Bernice Johnson Reagon

My freebie this week is dedicated to my daughter.  As always, click on the link(s) below the preview to download this freebie.  This sentiment comes with or without the frame which was also designed and created by me.  If you love it, leave me a comment.  I always love hearing from you!

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Desire Fourie said...

Hi Sharon, hope you are well. Oh wow, this is a stunning sentiment. Love the decorate shape. So useful for any general creation xxx Thanks so much. Wishing you a fabulous weekend.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Desire Fourie said...

Please know that you and your daughter are in my prayers and may each day still be a blessing.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Diane said...

A beautiful sentiment. Stay strong!

Ema M said...

Beautiful sentiment. Thank you for sharing it. I will continue to lift your family up in my daily prayers. God bless! xx

Tine said...

Thanks, Sharon. These are lovely.

bobbiecz said...

thank you for the beautiful sentiment. Prayers going your way for you and your daughter.

Golden Goddess Designs said...

my thoughts are with you and your family for healing

Cynthia said...

Love this sentiment - perfect for graduation season!
Thank you for sharing,

txexperiment said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful sentiment.

So sorry to hear about your daughter. There is hope for battling this disease but it is a long and frustrating process.

My daughter has battled it since she was 6 and two years ago in July, (she was 29 and the mother of 3 with one on the way), it got so bad that she actually had to be hospitalized for a month and then another month of daily outpatient treatment. It was very intense and with Divine intervention, she is symptom free for nearly 2 years.

It was a very difficult time for our family and especially her family. Luckily, she had a very supportive husband and the kids came through okay.

I don't know where you live but if you are anywhere near Dallas, TX, I would heartily recommend the Dallas Presbyterian Eating Disorders clinic. They have a success rate of nearly 80%, which you probably know is very high.

You will be in my prayers and hope you come through this stronger than before.

Anonymous said...

As the message above states, this disease is a long, slow recovery. Wishing you and your family all God's Blessings.